Recent additions to Acino Senior Management

Monday 18th February 2019

Left to right: Jens, Laura, Alla, Sara
Left to right: Jens, Laura, Alla, Sara

Acino is pleased to announce several additions to its senior management, as part of a wider transformation in the company to strengthen its position as a leading high-quality pharmaceutical company focusing on emerging markets.

Steffen Saltofte, Acino CEO, commented:

‘As a growing company, working in dynamic markets, our ability to understand the needs of our customers and patients, and to change with them is crucial: the management changes and additions reflect this.’

Jens Feierler has assumed the role of Head of Corporate Quality Assurance.

Jens takes over global responsibility for Quality Assurance after two successful years leading Quality Assurance for our European portfolio. He has also held roles in Research and Quality Management, as well as leading laboratory teams. Jens is a qualified pharmacist with a PhD in Biochemistry and a German citizen.

Alla Sorokolietova has assumed the role of Head of Medical and Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance.

Alla takes over global responsibility for Medical and Regulatory Affairs, and Pharmacovigilance after successfully leading this function for our Ukraine and CIS markets for the last four years. Alla has more than 16 years of international experience in Medical and Regulatory Management for leading pharmaceutical companies, is a qualified medical doctor with a PhD in Pediatrics and a Ukrainian citizen.

Laura Galimberti has assumed the role of Head of Commercial Operations.

Laura joined Acino in 2018 and has over 15 years’ experience in marketing and sales in the healthcare industry. With a solid background in management consulting, before joining Acino she has a successful record in heading the global Commercial Excellence function in leading healthcare companies. An Italian national, Laura has an MBA from SDA Bocconi School of Management.

Sara Vermeulen-Anastasi has assumed the role of Head of Corporate Communications.

Sara joins with 10+ years’ experience in successfully leading global corporate communications functions. She joined Acino in 2018 and previously worked in various fast-paced and transformative industries from food, perfumery and agriculture to IT, technology, geospatial and logistics. Sara has an MBA from OUBS, and is a dual British and Swiss national.

We are delighted to have Jens, Alla, Laura and Sara as part of our group senior management. All bring formidable track-records to ensure we deliver as a company to all our stakeholders. I am particularly pleased to see Jens and Alla promoted within the organization.

Find out more about Jens, Alla, Laura and Sara on the Management section of our website.

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