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Take care of your body and focus on living the highest quality of life you can through your daily choices. At Acino, we have longstanding knowledge in a large variety of therapeutic areas, which we want to share with you.

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Educational Materials

  • Infectious diseases and antimicrobials

    Non-medical ways for treating back pain

    Gastroenterology and constipation

  • Infectious diseases and antimicrobials

    Learn how disorders caused by organisms that get into our body from the outside are treated, and how you can help combat a growing issue for patients and healthcare providers: antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

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    Non-medical ways for treating back pain

    Do you suffer from pain? Check out this video and learn about both the medicinal options and complementary ways available to treat pain. By following the right treatment as advised by your doctor, you can regain your ability to live a normal life.

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    Gastroenterology and constipation

    Constipation is a common, and largely preventable health issue. With these easy tips to follow you no longer need to suffer.

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  • Safe use of Rivastigmine patch

  • Safe use of Rivastigmine patch

    Information for healthcare professionals and patients on safe use of Rivastigmine Acino transdermal patch.

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