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1. Acceptance

By accessing this website and using any information or services offered herein, you accept these Terms of Use in their entirety and without limitation, and agree that they supersede any other agreement on these topics that may exist between you and Acino International or its Subsidiaries (together, “Acino”). You acknowledge that your access and use will comply with all applicable law.

2. General terms and conditions

All details, including all pictures and information, published on this website are the sole property of Acino and are protected by copyright laws unless indicated otherwise.

You may freely browse this website, but you may only access, download or use information from this website, including any text, images, audio, and video for your own non-commercial use or personal purposes. Documents must remain unchanged. You may not distribute, modify, transmit, reuse, repost, or use the information of this website for commercial purposes, without the prior written permission of Acino. Documents may neither be uploaded nor copied into network computers or onto third-party websites. Documents may neither be copied nor published in other forms. The copyright as well as the information source must be fully acknowledged on all copies. The dissemination to patients is only allowed if the documents are strictly approved and disseminated for this purpose and not at all if they are intended to offer advice regarding prescription medicines. For any other use not listed here, prior written consent from Acino is mandatory.

3. Medical information

All data and information on this website is of a general nature and caters for personal enquiries about Acino, its products and its services only.

Product and health information on this website is intended for general information purposes only. This website does not provide medical advice. You are encouraged to consult with your treating physician should you require medical advice. Market authorizations of our products vary from country-to-country and may not be available in all jurisdictions. Trademarks for the same products may differ from country to country.

Nothing on this website is intended as promotion or recommendation of prescription-only medicinal products or devices that are available only upon prescription from a treating physician. Before the any use of our products, the patient information leaflet provided with each product shall be studied carefully.

Medical Information Requests about Acino Products

For scientific or medical questions on Acino products, please complete and submit the form via the button below.

If you have any questions about your condition or Acino product recommendation, talk to your doctor or healthcare professional. The information provided should not take the place of talking with your doctor or healthcare professional.

4. Disclaimer

All details on this website shall not be interpreted as an offer or advertisement for the purchase of shares in Acino. This website shall not be regarded as a prospectus in the spirit of the Swiss obligations law or a publication under the guidelines of the SIX Swiss Exchange. Investment decisions shall not be made based on the information contained herein. We strongly suggest that investors seek professional advice before making any commitment.

5. Forward-oriented information

Some texts on this website may contain forward-looking statements or commentaries. Readers must be aware that such statements and commentaries can be influenced by unforeseeable factors including scientific, business, economic and financial factors, and should be considered as opinion only. Actual results may differ significantly from those presented.

6. Limited liability

While Acino always strives to provide correct and up-to-date information, we make no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided on this website and disclaims any liability for the use of this site or any site linked to it. Therefore, we do not, explicitly or implied, give any kind of warranty or guarantee and do not make any assurances with regard to the correctness and the completeness of information provided or of any information we may refer to herein. Use of this website or any other sites linked to it and the use of the information or services provided herein or therein is at the user’s own risk. Neither Acino, nor any other parties concerned with the production, dissemination, design or maintenance of the website or parts or offers thereof, assume any liability in whatever form for direct or indirect damages, regardless of fault, resulting from access to the internet services of Acino, this website or related information or services.

7. Third-party information

This website may contain or refer to third-party information and/or third party hyperlinks. Wherever possible third-party information is marked accordingly. Acino does not assume possession or ownership of, or responsibility for, any third-party information or website by the act of linking to them. Links to third party pages are provided for convenience only. Acino explicitly states that it does not express any opinion on the content of any third party pages and it is not responsible for the content of these websites expressly disclaims any liability for any third-party information and the use of it. Any links are provided for convenience only and any use of hyperlinks to these websites is at the user’s own risk.

8. Change of website content

Acino reserves the right to change this website and these Terms of Use at its discretion without notice and will affect change whenever it determines the change necessary or reasonable. Visitors to this website accept that no liability can arise from any change. Acino does not assume any responsibility to update this website or the information contained herein. You are bound by any such revisions, including any revisions to these Terms of Use, and should therefore periodically visit this website to review the then current Terms of Use to which you are bound.

9. USA

The information provided on this website are not intended for citizens of, or for people living in the United States of America (US) in compliance with provisions of US Securities Law and therefore shall not be sent to or distributed in the United States intentionally

10. Copyright, brands, titles and designs of Acino

All pictures and information on this website are protected by copyright laws or by other commercial protections. The design and layout of this website is determined solely by Acino. All product names, references in capital letters, or references marked otherwise on this website, are to be considered registered trademarks of Acino.

This website and the information contained and referenced therein are for informational purposes only. Any reproduction, retransmission or other use is strictly prohibited. Request for permission to reproduce any information contained on this website should be addressed to Acino.

11. Legal consequences

Acino reserves the right to take corrective action if we become aware of a violation of any of the terms and conditions contained in these Terms of Use, including by preventing access to the website, and/or removing any information, data or content a user has put on the website, at any moment and without notice. If we have been injured by your violation we may, in our sole discretion, seek to recover damages from you.

By visiting this website, you accept the jurisdiction of the Canton Zurich (Switzerland), this being the canton in which Acino International AG is headquartered.

12. Validity of the Terms of Use

Acino will be entitled to unilaterally amend this Terms of Use.

Last updated December 2023