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Manufacturing sites

At Acino, we have the know-how, leading-edge technology and high-quality production facilities to support our customers achieve their goals.

Manufacturing – Liesberg, Switzerland

Acino has been manufacturing pharmaceuticals in Switzerland for decades. With many successful in-house developments, we have gained in-depth knowledge in bringing products from development to commercialisation. We have extended our expertise in oral solid dosage forms by constantly optimising and improving our processes.

  • 210+

    Employees in Liesberg

  • 3,785m2

    Production area

  • 10,500m2

    Total site area

  • 33km

    Distance to Basel

  • 5bn

    Bulk unit capacity

Packaging and Logistics – Aesch, Switzerland

At our Swiss packaging and logistics site we are offering primary and secondary packaging of oral solid dosage forms up to OEB 3b, as well as warehousing services.

This site is equipped with a high-speed packaging line able to pack 500 blisters per minute, ensuring scale packaging for bigger volumes running under highest Acino quality standards.

  • 55+


  • 3b

    OEB level on packaging line

  • 7,800m2

    Total site area

  • 14km

    Distance to Basel

  • 7

    Packaging lines

  • 500

    Blisters per minute

Manufacturing, Packaging and Logistics – Kyiv, Ukraine

Our EU GMP-certified modern manufacturing site in Kyiv is specialised in providing effective and safe solutions in therapeutic areas such as neurology, psychiatry, cardiology, and therapy.

We manufacture and package in the state-of-the-art equipment from leading international companies over 40 high-quality medicines and continuously expands our portfolio thanks to own R&D Center.

In addition to serving the Ukrainian market, we also export our products to seven countries in the CIS and South-West Asia region.

  • 430+


  • 6,350m2

    Production area

  • 1bn

    Capsule annual capacity

  • 1bn

    Tablet annual capacity

  • 45m

    Packaging capacity

  • 300


Packaging and Logistics – Põlva, Estonia

Our packaging site in Estonia provides our OSD customers with the most flexibility in terms of order volumes, costs and delivery performance, while adhering to the highest Acino quality standards.

From large scale down to small manual packaging order volumes, our team can adapt their flexibility to the benefit of the customer.

  • 80+


  • 1,176m2

    Packaging area

  • 5,100m2

    Total site area

  • 228km

    Distance to Tallinn

  • 5

    Packaging lines

  • 70m + 12m

    Blisters and Bottles (annual capacity)

Manufacturing, Packaging and Logistics - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Our facility in the United Arab Emirates is majorly equipped with European sourced production equipment, meeting stringent quality norms from regulatory agencies of the UAE, Europe, and US (with UAE MOHAP, IRAQ Ministry, EU GMP, and GCC approvals).

Substantial installed capacity for production of tablets (monolayer, bi-layer, MUPS) and Capsules (with powders, pellets, tablets), with low Rh requirements. We also offer secondary packaging and batch release capabilities for tablets, capsules, aerosols, and injectables, with track and trace solutions available for UAE, KSA, GCC, and Europe.

  • 25


  • 1,317m2

    Production area

  • 250m

    Tablets (annual capacity)

  • 87m

    Capsules (annual capacity)

Medical Devices – Acino Forensic Randburg, South Africa

Acino Forensic manufactures DNA evidence collection kits and crime scene kits at its state-of-the-art facility in South Africa. With skilled manufacturing staff and exclusive supplier agreements, we are able to accommodate the testing capabilities of most forensic science laboratories by supplying customised kits.

  • 120+


  • 2,150m2

    Production area

  • +40%

    Packaging capacity available

  • +35%

    Warehousing capacity available

  • High Degree

    Ability to customize for customer needs