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Impressive achievements in our organization in Ukraine and the CIS markets

Acino Pharma Start wins two prestigious awards

Representatives from all over Ukraine honored the results of the great team work at Acino Pharma Start.

Acino expands its activities to CIS region and neighboring countries

Acino commercializes 9 Merck products in CIS countries and Mongolia

In October 2015, Acino acquired Pharma Start, which is today the 7th largest local pharmaceutical production company in Ukraine. The summary after over two years is impressive with tremendous changes across all functions and the complete overhaul of the commercial structures.

We built a strong team who is willing to go the extra-mile and takes actions to transform the local company into an international market leader. In a very short time frame we completely re-shaped the organizational structure of Pharma Start including the implementation of new functions and significant investment in our people by education and training.

Eugene Zaika, Regional Director Ukraine/CIS

Acino’s business shows remarkable growth numbers and is in 2018 the second fastest growing pharmaceutical company in Ukraine with market leading production in Neurology and Cardiology.

The site in Kyiv is our regional headquarter and home to over 700 employees with the commercial organization and the GMP-certified manufacturing plant. The plant is equipped with modern machinery like Bohle, Huttling, Kilian, IMA, York, and Buderus, and is operational since 2003.

The wind of change at Pharma Start blows strongly with initiatives like a new compensation framework and transparent rules for all employees, the implementation of our compliance policies and pharmacovigilance, the shaping of a new functions, and the investment into new laboratories and manufacturing equipment to name only a few among many others.

The working approach at Acino Pharma Start has changed as it became transparent, ethical and compliant since we joined Acino.

Nataliia Snimshchikova, Human Resources Director Ukraine

Representatives from all over Ukraine honored the results of the great team work at Acino Pharma Start by two awards for the best products of the year at the annual professional contest of the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine – “Panacea 2016”.

The high performance assessment of “Panacea 2016” shows that Acino Pharma Start is on the right path.

These achievements are the result of continuous hard work of our employees who make a considerable contribution to the development and prosperity of the company and increase the level of confidence in our products among patients, doctors and other professionals of the pharmaceutical industry.
Eugene Zaika, Regional Director Ukraine/CIS

The competition Panacea is organized each year on the Day of the pharmacist and brings together all members of the pharmaceutical market who are operating in Ukraine: local and foreign manufacturers of medical products, distributors, pharmacists and others. The Panacea Award is a professional prize among the participants of the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine.

The aim of the competition is to mark the company which made the most significant contribution to the provision of medicines to patients in Ukraine. We are proud to say that Acino Pharma Start is part of these companies.

At the ceremony held on September 8, 2016, in Kiev, the antihypertensive DIOCOR and the anti-parkinsonian LEVOCOM of Acino Pharma Start were recognized in the category “Product of the Year” in the group of prescription drugs.

The rating of the winners in the category “Product of the year” is the result of market research in the second half of 2015 and the first half of 2016 provided by analytical partners of the Panacea 2016 competition. The medicines were studied according to the international ATC classification1 and winners were determined by the following indicators: The proportion of the drug in its segment and the dynamics of growth in retail sales pricing in a competitive segment.

1 The Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) Classification System is used for the classification of active ingredients of drugs according to the organ or system on which they act and their therapeutic, pharmacological and chemical properties. It is controlled by the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Drug Statistics Methodology (WHOCC), and was first published in 1976.

In early July 2017, Acino has signed the exclusive distribution agreement with Merck, a leading science and technology company, for commercial sales and promotion of a number of Merck’s drugs in Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Belarus and Mongolia.

Starting early 2018, Acino will commercialize 9 products of Merck for the treatment of cardiovascular and endocrine diseases (diabetes mellitus and thyroid gland diseases) in addition to its own products in the region. The following new products are covered by the agreement: CONCOR®, CONCOR® COR, LODOZ®, GLUCOPHAGE®, GLUCOPHAGE® XR, GLUCOVANCE®, EUTHYROX®, JODBALANCE®, THYROZOL®.

Partnerships are integral part of our strategy. The existing high demand for Merck’s products will strengthen Acino’s position in CIS countries and Mongolia quickly and accelerate growth of our business.
Kalle Känd, CEO Acino

Acino expands its presence in the region by creating new jobs locally, in order to ensure continuous access of drugs to the markets of developing countries.

In accordance with our development strategy, we continue to strengthen our product portfolio and put high-quality products on the domestic market, in order to improve the quality of life of patients. Acino’s partnership agreement with Merck is providing access to innovative medical products not only for Ukrainian patients, but also for patients from other CIS countries and Mongolia. I am sure, we will become a reliable partner for one of the world leaders in the development and production of high-tech drugs.
Eugene Zaika, CIS Regional Head Acino

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  • 2nd fastest growing pharmaceutical company in Ukraine

  • 7th largest pharmaceutical production company in Ukraine - CNS market leader with 30% market share in Ukraine

Acino in Ukraine, CIS region and neighboring countries

Acino’s business across the CIS region and neighboring countries covers Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaidjan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tadjikistan, Kirgisistan and Mongolia, with a remarkable 25% sales growth for 2016 compared to 2015. Acino established its footprint in Ukraine by the acquisition of Pharma Start in October 2015, and is significantly expanding its business in 2018 with the commercialization of present nine Merck products for the treatment of cardiovascular and endocrine diseases in the above mentioned CIS countries and Mongolia.

In its  GMP-certified manufacturing plant and regional Headquarter in Kyiv, Acino develops, manufactures and commercializes a leading and patented portfolio of advanced generic drugs in the therapeutic areas of Cardiovascular, Central Nervous System (CNS), Women Health and Over-The-Counter products (OTC).

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