Resilience of the Ukrainian colleagues

At Acino, we express our unwavering support for our colleagues, patients and customers in Ukraine, many of whom continue to provide critical assistance to those in most need.

“I’d like to pay tribute to the resilience of the Ukrainian people and specifically to our employees in the region. In the face of such tragic events, they continue to demonstrate extraordinary personal resilience and courage, in the face of adversity. There is tremendous solidarity across Acino for them during these most challenging times,” says Steffen Saltofte, CEO of Acino.

Acino continues to work to address the immediate and essential needs of our colleagues in Ukraine, as well as those who have crossed the border to Poland and other neighbouring countries.

To provide stability and security for those displaced from their homes, we have agreed an assistance policy that will see the provision of food and accommodation for employees and their families.

Aid donations are also being made to support the critical humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

Remaining true to our purpose as a business, we are working hard to supply essential medicines to patients and healthcare providers in the region that need them most.

War is never a solution to any conflict. We hope that a peace will prevail soon.