Acino donates for humanitarian aid in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine means that many Ukrainian people have been displaced and have no longer access to such essentials, like shelter and vital medicines.

Acino remains committed to supporting its patients and healthcare providers by sending shipments of much-needed medicines to Ukraine and making donations to organizations engaged in humanitarian relief efforts. We stand by our people and continue to help Acino employees affected by the war in Ukraine.

To date, we have donated over 95,000 packs of pharmaceuticals for treatment of diabetes, CVD, pain and other disorders to over 100 hospitals, NGOs and charitable organizations.

We work tirelessly in support of our patients and customers. “We are very grateful and proud of our employees in Ukraine who continue to produce and supply medicines during this most challenging time. We have an important mission, and everything we do is driven by our collective purpose to improve patients’ lives,” said Steffen Saltofte, CEO Acino.