Acino tops the list of best employers in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical sector

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Acino has been recognised as the top employer among pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine. This ranking is the result of a joint initiative by, the leading job search website, and Forbes Ukraine, which compiles an annual list of the country’s best employers.

The evaluation process used comprehensive methodologies, including surveys of more than 40,000 employees from 200 companies, analysis of publicly available data, and input from recruitment professionals. This rigorous approach ensures a robust assessment of job satisfaction and organisational culture.

In the latest rankings for 2024, Acino secured 15th place in the top 50 companies, outperforming its peers in the pharmaceutical sector. This achievement underlines Acino’s commitment to fostering a positive working environment and nurturing talent within the organisation.

Nataliia Snimshchikova, Human Resources Director at Acino UBA, expressed her gratitude for the recognition, highlighting the company’s unwavering dedication to its employees. ‘For us, people are above all else,’ she remarked. ‘We thank you for taking part in the survey and for appreciating our joint efforts to develop the best company to work for. We work for you.

Acino’s focus on putting its people first reflects a wider trend within the pharmaceutical industry, where employee satisfaction and well-being are increasingly recognised as critical to organisational success. By prioritising employee engagement and creating a supportive corporate culture, Acino is setting a benchmark of excellence in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical landscape.