Acino and World Heart Day

Friday 28th September 2018

Acino focuses on bringing high-quality pharmaceuticals and access to healthcare to emerging markets. We provide this access by commercializing affordable drugs and also by raising awareness on potentially fatal diseases.

With patients at heart, Acino decided to increase its foothold in public healthcare events.

Indeed, the 29th of September Acino launches the World Heart Day in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Ukraine.

The World Heart Day is a public health event during which Acino will offer free preliminary heart check to local people, in hospitals and primary care centres.

Physicians hired by Acino will check the blood pressure and several cardiovascular risk factors of the participants. Patients will receive personalized recommendations from the physicians and will get educational brochures on cardiovascular health, such as how to recognized and react to strokes and heart attacks. In case the patient shows elevated blood pressure and/or present cardiovascular risk factors, he will be referred to a partnered cardiologist.

Acino has worked in close collaboration with the World Heart Federation, a cardiovascular federation based in Geneva. The World Heart Federation has created the World Heart Day and is the principal representative body for the cardiovascular community, including the national and continental cardiology scientific societies and foundations, and representing the scientific, medical and professional communities, as well as patients and charitable organizations. The World Heart Federation is in official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO) to advocate for cardiovascular health.

With this event, we will reach new patients, enhance the Swiss image of Acino and reinforce our relationships with the partnered cardiologists, pharmacists and all healthcare providers involved in the World Heart Day.

Download our PDF here to find out more information.

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