Serialisation in Pharma

Patient safety and product integrity is of paramount importance in the pharmaceutical industry. Unique Product Identification (UPI) serialisation contributes to this. This sophisticated feature ensures the traceability, authenticity, and safety of pharmaceutical products from manufacturing to the end-user, reshaping the landscape of drug distribution and regulation.

UPI serialisation involves assigning a unique code or identifier to each smallest saleable unit or batch of medication produced. This code is stored within a database, enabling real-time tracking and monitoring throughout the supply chain. The primary components of UPI serialisation include unique serial numbers, product codes, batch numbers, and expiration dates, all crucial in creating an individual ‘fingerprint’ for each drug package.

The significance of UPI serialization in the pharmaceutical sector cannot be overstated:

Counterfeit Drug Prevention

Counterfeit medicines are a major threat to public health worldwide. UPI serialisation acts as a powerful deterrent, making it extremely difficult for counterfeiters to replicate product codes and serial numbers. By verifying the authenticity of medicines at every stage, from manufacturing to dispensing, this technology safeguards patients from consuming fake or substandard drugs.

Regulatory Compliance

Pharmaceutical serialisation has gained traction due to regulatory mandates. Governments and health organisations worldwide have enforced strict regulations requiring pharmaceutical companies to implement serialisation to combat counterfeiting, enhance product traceability, and ensure compliance with safety standards.

Supply Chain Integrity

UPI serialisation plays a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain. It enables stakeholders to track the movement of products across various distribution channels, identify any anomalies or discrepancies, and swiftly respond to issues such as product recalls or quality concerns.

Patient Safety and Transparency

For patients and healthcare providers, UPI serialisation offers peace of mind. Access to detailed information about a drug’s origin, expiration date, and distribution history empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their health. This transparency builds trust in the pharmaceutical products and the overall healthcare system.

Technology Integration and Innovation

The implementation of UPI serialisation has spurred advancements in technology within the pharmaceutical industry. Integration with digital platforms, such as blockchain and AI-driven analytics, further strengthens the traceability and security of pharmaceutical products, paving the way for a more efficient and secure supply chain.


However, the adoption of UPI serialisation has also posed challenges for pharmaceutical companies. The initial investment in infrastructure, software, and staff training can be substantial. Additionally, harmonising serialisation standards across different regions and ensuring interoperability between various systems remain ongoing challenges.

Despite these challenges, the benefits of UPI serialisation outweigh the initial hurdles. Its role in combating counterfeit drugs, enhancing regulatory compliance, ensuring supply chain integrity, prioritising patient safety, and fostering technological innovation solidify its indispensable position in the pharmaceutical landscape.

In conclusion, the implementation of Unique Product Identification serialization stands as a cornerstone in the pharmaceutical industry’s commitment to delivering safe, authentic, and traceable medications. As technology continues to evolve, serialization will remain a crucial tool in preserving the integrity of pharmaceutical products and safeguarding public health.


Acino UPI Serialisation

Acino has modernised packaging lines in its Swiss manufacturing site with new printing devices, monitoring systems, and software necessary to serialise drugs subject to prescription and connect labeling information with data repositories a year ahead the EU serialization deadline. When you choose Acino, you are choosing quality you can rely on.