We can call on thousands of years of collective experience, three sites and a formidable track record of quality to deliver your needs.

This is supported by continuous investment in cutting-edge technology and in our production areas to keep us at the vanguard of standards.

Granulate / Pelletization

Our large range of equipment allows us to offer our customers highest flexibility in batch sizes, at competitive prices.


Our long track-record of pharmaceutical manufacturing and our large range of equipment allows us to offer our customers state-of-the-art manufacturing know-how at highest flexibility in batch sizes and at competitive prices.

Our offerings
  • Pelletization technology:
    – Granulation / Extrusion / Spheronization
    – Direct pelletization in Fluid Bed Process
  • Wet granulation technology:
    – Fluid Bed Granulation
    – Aqueous & organic granulation (Isopropanol & Ethanol / with recovery of organic solvents)
  • Dry granulation
  • Batch sizes: ca. 2 – 2’000 kg

Did you know?

Acino runs 10 state-of-the-art fluidized bed granulators in Switzerland and produced over 350t of granulate and pellets in 2016.


We are proud of our leading track-record and expertise in bulk manufacturing of oral solid dosage forms.


We love being challenged: Hard-to-make generics, modified-release and complex formulations, narcotic products or difficult processes are our daily business, which makes us your preferred partner when you are searching for know-how.

Our offerings
  • Our Bulk manufacturing offerings:
    – Modified-release Tablets (MUPS & Matrix Tablets)
    – Film or Dispersible Tablets
    – Printed Tablets
    – Modified-release Capsules (MUPS)
    – Capsules
    – Micro-tablets in Capsules
  • Batch sizes: ca. 50’000 – 4’000’000 bulk units

Did you know?

Acino has a capacity of 5bn bulk units p.a. and that our fastest tableting machine can produce up to 900k tablets per hour.

Primary Packaging

Our packaging sites in Switzerland and Estonia offer a range of primary packaging solutions for your products.

Bespoke solutions

Irrespective of your volumes and customer needs, we will find the best and most efficient solution for you.

To be flexible and price competitive, Acino runs:
  • High speed lines in Switzerland for large batch sizes
  • Low-cost packaging in Estonia for small batch sizes
  • Transport between Switzerland and Estonia that is fully validated, under GDP conditions and in full responsibility of Acino
Our offerings
  • Blister:
    – PVC/PVDC
    – Alu/Alu
    – PIL Packages
  • Bottles:
    – Glass
    – Plastic (HDPE &PP)
    – Aluminum
  • Narcotics packaging (Switzerland & Estonia)
  • Highly active packaging

Did you know?

Acino has processed ca. 7’101 km of aluminum foil in 2021, which is approximately the distance from Madrid to Moscow and back.

Our site in Switzerland is equipped with a high-speed packaging line able to pack 500 blisters per minute under highest Acino quality standards.

Secondary Packaging

With our packaging sites in Switzerland and Estonia we can offer maximum flexibility for you by providing batch release in Switzerland and Europe.

Batch release according to customer wishes

  • CH batch release in Switzerland
  • EU batch release in Estonia
  • The transport between Switzerland and Estonia is fully validated, under GDP conditions and in full responsibility of Acino
  • Serialization/UI & tamper evidence implemented and already running in Switzerland. Acino-wide implementation within Q3 2018.

Our offerings

  • Standard secondary packaging for blisters & bottles
  • Artwork management
  • Serialization
  • Distribution services

Did you know?

All packs produced in 2021 would stack to a height of 1’499km, which is approximately twice the distance to the International Space Station and back.