CDO and CMO Partnership

Our partner Quay Pharma, established in 2002, is a 100% independent and privately-owned company with strong scientific expertise in pharmaceutical product development which provides flexible support for any new challenge within this field.

The company has in-depth knowledge and experience in designing novel and effective drug delivery systems. Their tailor-made project approach matches precisely the needs of pharma customers around the world. The range of production processes available to Quay Pharma during development is a perfect complement to Acino’s commercial scale equipment.

Acino & Quay Pharma Logos

What Quay Pharma Does?

  • Develops the best and most effective method of drug delivery for each new product
  • Pre-formulation, dosage form design and optimization
  • Development of OSD production processes, that can be seamlessly scaled to commercial size within Acino’s facilities

Quay Pharma’s Broad Experience Includes:

  • Conventional dosage forms like immediate release tablets or capsules
  • Drug solubilization and bioavailability enhancement
  • Controlled release and gastrointestinal targeting
  • Live biotherapeutics

How do you benefit from it?

  • Expert pharmaceutical development provided by Quay
  • Quality commercial manufacturing services provided by Acino
  • Integrated sourcing process for customers
  • Process design for cost optimization
  • Minimize risks during scale up
  • SPoC project management
  • Knowledge sharing between companies & collaborative problem solving