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Middle East, Turkey, and Africa

Merhaba Türkiye!

Acino is delighted to announce that it will begin commercial operations in Turkey.

First pharmaceutical company to be active in Mosul

Acino’s team in Iraq arranged the very first meeting with healthcare professionals since the liberation of Mosul.

Operating in a highly diversified environment

Our in-depth knowledge of our markets enables us to adapt to local needs.

Providing solutions to relieve pain

Our team in Saudi-Arabia are helping doctors to achieve their aims of relieving patients’ pain.

On December 18, Acino completed the registration of the company as a legal entity in Turkey, paving the way to begin commercial operations in the country in 2020.

‘Following the signing of an agreement for Acino to acquire parts of Takeda’s primary care portfolio in selected countries, we are expanding our geographical presence to provide high-quality medicines in Turkey, one of the Middle-East’s biggest markets.’ explained Dr Andrew Bird, General Manager Acino Middle East and Africa.

In the Middle East, Acino provides high-quality medicines under the Acino Switzerland brand. The company’s existing capabilities, along with its therapeutic expertise especially in gastroenterology, cardiovascular and pain management will serve as a platform to introduce Acino’s portfolio in this important market.

‘This expansion reinforces our leading position in emerging markets and gives patients and healthcare professionals in Turkey access to reliable, high-quality pharmaceuticals.’ added Mine Ozturk, Country Manager for Turkey.

For further information on the agreement to acquire parts of Takeda’s Primary Care portfolio in selected emerging markets, please read the media release here.

Our Acino team in Iraq arranged the very first meeting with healthcare professionals since the liberation of Mosul in July 2017.

Acino is the number one pharmaceutical retail company in Iraq and enjoys an excellent reputation as a reliable partner for high-quality products among healthcare professionals across the country. Despite the particularly difficult situation in Iraq, the Acino team ensure goods delivery to meet patient demand every single day – and so the team was ready to deliver products to Mosul immediately after it was declared free of ISIS.

The liberation of Mosul is a critical milestone in the global fight against ISIS, and underscores the success of the international effort led by the Iraqi Security Forces. During ISIS’s occupation of Mosul, it terrorized and brutally murdered thousands of civilians, used mosques, schools and hospitals as bomb-building facilities and fighting positions.

Though the military crisis is over, around 1 million people living in Mosul have not overcome the humanitarian crisis yet. Of 54 districts in Mosul, 15 are heavily, 23 moderately destroyed.

In spite of challenging conditions and poor infrastructure, our team in Iraq delivered first products to the area within a couple of days after the liberation and held a meeting with healthcare professionals to discuss the future and how Acino will participate in supporting health institutions in the city to get back to normal operations soon.

I was waiting for first activity in Mosul and I am not surprised to see Acino to be the starter for these events.

Dr. Ahmed Moyaser Al Sofi (an Orthopaedist who came from Erbil to attend this activity)

Before the occupation by ISIS, Acino had a big team in Mosul and is now building up its presence again. Under Iraqi leadership, the United States and coalition partners will continue to work closely with the UN to stabilize liberated areas throughout Mosul, supporting the return of displaced civilians to their homes.

Acino is on the ground to ensure medical supply and education of healthcare professionals for a healthier tomorrow in Mosul!

Acino is always ahead in this field.

Dr. Laith Abdul Aziz (Head of Nineveh Health Directorate)

We congratulate the team for this outstanding achievement!

Our in-depth knowledge of our markets enables us to adapt to local needs. With a team of over 70 employees in 15 French-speaking countries in West and Central Africa, Acino has an impressive footprint in this region. The area is highly diversified with over 240 million people living in a mix of oil-exporting countries and middle to low income countries.

The strength of our teams on the ground is their close connection to local reality. We know the different challenges and opportunities in our markets and have the flexibility to adapt to changes rapidly.

Annette Ake, Cluster Head French speaking West Africa

The rainy season for example triggers diseases like malaria and Acino adapts its portfolio to seasonal as well as geographical needs. As most countries in the area are out-of-pocket markets agricultural activities can influence Acino’s demand planning like the beginning of the cocoa harvest season in Ivory Coast for example.

Acino is particularly well positioned with it antispasmodic agent Spasfon being ranked 6 in the overall top 10 market products with a market share of 58% percent in its segment. The disease burden is currently dominated by infectious diseases but current trends show a transition towards more and more chronic diseases and with its product range Acino is well positioned to respond to this demand.

But it is not only Acino’s local connections and our product portfolio which distinguishes us from competitors. As a Swiss-based company it is a matter of course that our teams on the ground apply the highest ethical standards to their relationships with health care professionals and other local partners in everything they do.

Acino’s team in Saudi-Arabia (KSA) is particularly close to the market and permanently seek to provide additional support to health care specialists. Every single member of our Medical Representatives in KSA has a medical qualification so they are able to offer even more than high-quality products.

We go further to help meet patient and physician needs. In 2016 the team used its experience to develop and distribute a brochure that promotes a holistic approach to relieving back pain. This simple brochure presents several easy stretches and exercise tips that everyone can do to help recovery from injury or pain – giving physicians another tool to help patients.

We are not just selling a product, what we are really able to do is help doctors to achieve their aims of relieving patients’ pain.

Amr El-Deeb, Senior Product Manager (and qualified Pharmacist)

This is just one example of the benefits of working with Acino. Our Medical Representatives are thinking innovatively every day to come up with the next solution that will make an impact for patients.

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Acino Middle East, Turkey & Africa is managed through our Regional Office in Dubai.  We have highly professional local teams in our markets with a sales force of nearly 500 medical sales representatives and strong distribution partnerships across the region.  We sell under the brand name Acino Switzerland.

Driven by passion and committed to quality, our teams have a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of a large number of markets that might be difficult to access.  Our approach is driven by the highest ethical and compliance standards which we apply to all our relationships with customers, partners and employees.

Through our  teams in Middle East, Turkey and Africa, Acino aspires to become a preferred brand for patients and healthcare professionals in these emerging markets.


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